PPAI Site Visit with TravelChair

Recently , Ellen Tucker, PPAI’s director of business development, and Jeff Rogers, account manager, have been on the road, visiting member companies in Washington state. On their journey, they met with Daniel Roso, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Gig Harbor supplier TravelChair, to learn more about their company and their outlooks on the industry.

Their conversation with Roso (above, with Rogers) at the TravelChair offices turned more towards the philosophies behind the company’s products. He and his wife bought the company from her parents. Roso says, “Fundamentally, we build a better mousetrap. It’s not rocket science, specifically, it’s an intent. We’re intentional about the rivets we use, the size of the holes the rivets go into and the specifications of the steel and the fabric. And we marry that with a quality control approach to how we manufacture it, who inspects it, the employees on the ground, and we put that all together. In a nutshell, we want to build something that’s going to last and that we’re proud of.”

He adds, “For us, it’s never been about the product but what the product accomplishes. For me and my wife, our best experiences are found outside. When we were younger, that was camping. In my 20s, it was hiking. Now, we go outside on a whole different level—its parks, its picnics, its team sports. We believe that’s where the good stuff is. Our product is a vehicle to that. We want that experience. We want our product to emulate that kind value, and so TLC is one of the things we put into the product.”

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