Travel Chair x PPAI 2023 (Updated Post Show)

by | Dec 28, 2022

Written by Daniel

Daniel is the VP and one of the owners at TravelChair. Daniel is primarily responsible for our Sales & Marketing departments.
Published December 28, 2022

TravelChair is excited to announce we will be in Las Vegas to exhibit at PPAI Expo 2023!  This is a chance for TravelChair to show off not only its durable & high-quality gear, but also the top-tier capabilities we offer. From in-house silk-screening to heat transfers and wood engraving, TravelChair can customize your brand. This year, TravelChair is excited to introduce our ‘Made in the USA’ collection, along with our newly obtained women-certified business certification. High-tech gear, customizable products, and memorable customer experiences have helped TravelChair stand apart year after year. With almost 40 years under our belt, we’re kind of a big deal!

PPAI Expo is an annual trade show that brings together professionals from the promotional products industry. PPAI Expo continues to be the largest industry trade show in North America, serving as a launch pad for promotional suppliers and distributors alike. This event is held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas and is an opportunity for attendees to connect with other industry professionals, learn about new products and business trends, and discover new suppliers. With nearly a million square feet of convention space and over 1,000 exhibitors, the exhibit will be open January 10 and 11 9:30am – 5pm and January 12 9:30am-2pm. 

In addition to the expo hall, the event will also feature educational sessions, networking events, and awards ceremonies.  A key benefit of attending PPAI Expo is the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry. This is a great way to build relationships, share knowledge and ideas, and learn about current developments in the field. The event also provides a platform for attendees to learn about new products and trends, which can help them stay ahead of the curve and improve their businesses.

Overall, PPAI Expo is a must-attend event for professionals in the promotional products industry. Whether you’re looking to discover innovative products, connect with other industry professionals, or learn about the latest trends, this event has something for everyone. Mark your calendars and stop by booth 1125 to see TravelChair wow at PPAI Expo 2023!

Post Show Update 01.17.2023

PPAI Expo 2023 was a huge success for TravelChair! We were excited to showcase our newest products and connect with our industry partners at the 2023 PPAI Expo. Thank you to everyone who participated and came by our booth to shake hands!

A highlight of our showcase at PPAI Expo was one of our newer collections; the Kanpai Bamboo Glamping Collection. This collection features a collection of items, such as camping tables and chairs, made from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is an eco-friendly and renewable resource, making it the perfect choice for those who want to display their brand while minimizing their impact on the environment. The Kanpai Bamboo Glamping Collection is not only sustainable, but also stylish and functional, with a classic, retro design that will elevate your customer’s brand. We received a lot of positive feedback on the tables’ standout features like the built-in wine glass holders and the integrated bottle opener on the underside of the larger Kanpai Bamboo Table.

In addition to our Kanpai Bamboo Collection, our Recycled Collection with REPREVE Fabric was also a big hit at PPAI Expo 2023. This collection features several styles and profiles of chairs, including stools, oversized chairs, aluminum tent poles, and of course the classic camp chair, all made with REPREVE Recycled Fabric.  REPREVE is a high-performance recycled polyester fabric made from post-consumer plastic bottles. The Recycled Collection showcases TravelChair’s patented durability and functionality and also includes increased weight capacities, additional storage, and integrated bottle openers on each model. This collection is a great option for your environment conscious clients who want to minimize their impact on the environment.

At TravelChair, we are committed to making our products as sustainable as possible, and we’re proud to offer this collection as an eco-friendly option for our customers. We are also continually looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our overall environmental impact.

Overall, PPAI Expo 2023 was a great opportunity for us to connect with our industry peers and showcase our products to a wider audience. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event and can’t wait to share even more innovative and exciting products with our customers.

Thank you for visiting TravelChair at PPAI Expo 2023! See you next year!

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Slacker Stool- 1389V

"I now keep one in my car ready for any type of activity where sitting is preferable than standing. You can insert your own activity here. The size make this easy to grab when in doubt, and has often served as a life saver.

Easily stored and low-profile. Almost no bigger or heavier than an umbrella. You will not complain taking it with you and will be rewarded by being rested and comfortable when you get up."

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    My son is 6'7" 325lbs and plays major college football, he has not even come close to breaking as many chairs as I have. Well the Big Kahuna Chair is rock solid and comfortable I don't ever see this chair failing. If it ever does I'll post it."

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