TravelChair doubles down on support of Peak 7.

Building a product that makes outside fun, simple and creates a more enjoyable experience for all situations is a driving force around here. It always has been and always will be. The best part, however, is coming up with ways to give back to our community through the sale of our goods. Being able to contribute to the people who lead us and to those bettering our environment… now that is something really special. Since 1984, we have used the mantra “our goods are good (well-built & thoughtfully designed) for the greater good”! My wife and I have been steadfast in continuing that legacy since we took the helm. After a brainstorming session this summer, we decided that for this season our path of goodness would be to double down our existing efforts and partnerships of doing good. More good for our staff, greater care towards Mother Earth (more to come here) and even better support for our communities.

Immediately, our friends at Peak 7 came to mind. They encourage everyone to get outside and provide unique opportunities for all to get out and experience the goodness that we call creation. Their missions is to provide a first-rate outdoor adventure experience that engages youth spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally to help them realize a greater potential.

Here is what we did to double down our support of Peak 7:

First, we will be donating even more product than usual for Peak 7’s annual benefit auction, The Accent 2019, which will be held October 18th in Seattle, WA. Proceeds enable Peak 7 to provide outdoor programs for youth of all race, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds!

Second, we decided to collaborate with Peak 7 to create a totally custom, limited edition Joey Chair. We produced 48 units of this super special chair and all proceeds will go directly Peak 7, to benefit out combined mission: getting more kids in nature.

Click link here to purchase and contribute to this great cause!

The TravelChair & Peak 7 Meet-Cute Story

We first heard the name Peak 7 in the Fall of 2014. I was intrigued by the passion to get kids outside that was overflowing from a giant of a man, and was obliged to have a sit down to learn more. I learned quickly from Ryan (the aforementioned giant) that Peak 7’s mission was very much aligned with our own. Like Peak 7, we believe that the good stuff is outside. It was created for us ALL to experience, take in, and do it together. We started supporting Peak 7 that very day, and have been proponents of the program ever since. One chair sale, one butt more comfortable than before, and one experience – or, as I like to say, one smile at a time.

Photo of Chief Chairperson Holly Roso with future Chairperson Lucia. Yes, it’s a family affair.

Learn more about Peak 7 here –



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