Introducing our new 3-n-1 Adjustable Slacker!

A brand new item from TravelChair to help your outdoor experience become more enjoyable, simple and fun. This camp stool is as tiny as it is tough and as big as it small. We started with a simple thought: can we can improve upon one of our heritage/best-selling items by making it lighter and more packable? Yes, we can and all the while we were able to sneak in a few extra features along the way.

The chair we wanted to improve was the Slacker tripod stool.

Slacker Model 1389V

We made The 3-n-1 Adjustable Slacker…

Lighter – 1.2 lbs Vs 1.9 pound

More packable – Size of a water bottle vs the size of a Saturday paper

Adjustable – 3 seat heights vs 1

Taller seat height – 21” vs 17”

Oversized feet

This chair is built for those on-the-go, with little space to spare, who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for packability. Toss this chair in your purse or glove box, take it on hikes, or pop it in your camera bag and continue on your merry way.

Product Weight: 1.2 lbs

Weight Capacity: 225 lbs (tested to 675 lbs)

Dimensions (Open): 11.5” x 11.5” x 21”

Dimensions (Closed): 3.5” x 3.5” x 12”

Seat Heights


MID: 18”

LOW: 15.5”

Composition Materials

Polyester fabric

7000 Series anodized aluminum frame


Adjusts to 3 distinct seat heights

Packs small

Super Light – Weighs just over 1 lb

Built-in carry case, that zips away when chair is in use.

Anti-sink non-marring feet that do not sink in sand and like a gym shoe will not skuff boat surfaces, hardwoods or decks

Now, that you have the run down, take a seat on us, or at least at 25% off and $5.00 shipping with coupon code 3N1SLACKER (no space, case sensitive) and help us welcome in our latest good GOOD!

Click here to purchase the 3-n-1 Adjustable Slacker

Offer Expires 11/1/19



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