IMG_0331Hey everyone! With raising two kids (three if you count my husband), working full time and coaching sports, I have a hard time finding time to myself.  If I can get even an hour a week to myself, I can say it’s a successful one.  When I am able to get that hour here or there, I try and do something I love….Scrapbooking!

IMG_0329Now you are probably wondering what scrapbooking and TravelChair have in common. You would be surprised! Having two growing kids, my space at home to scrapbook is being taken over by basketballs, science projects and baby dolls. I have to be able to scrapbook anywhere and sometimes even the dining room table isn’t an option. That’s where TravelChair comes in.  I have a few TravelChair items that I consider a must have for any scrapbooking mom.

The Ultimate Slacker and the Grand Canyon Table are a part of my scrapbooking essentials. I am comfortable and have enough space to create lasting memories for my children. Not only do I use my TravelChair gear for my at home crop night but I take them to scrapbooking nights with my girlfriends and on our yearly scrapbooking convention trip.  Having items like the 1489V or the 2089SM that are portable and lightweight help make scrapbooking anywhere possible.


TravelChairs are not just for camping or for sporting events. They are for anyone, big or small, needing comfort on the go, like me, your scrapbooking mama. So before you see a Travelchair and think “I already have camping chairs,” think again!



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