Spring Is here, are you ready for some Baseball!!

safeco-fieldSo, the spring training schedule is coming to an end and we here in Seattle are gearing up for a great year of Mariners Baseball at Safeco Field!

So here are my thoughts on this season.

7987822Will Cano’s home run numbers drop off? We think that it is possible that they might, at least a little, as he is moving from Yankee Stadium to Safeco. I hate to say that he isn’t quite surrounded with the talent in the Mariners lineup that he enjoyed at the Yankees so his RBI total will probably take a dip also. But honestly he didn’t get much help from a heavily injured Yankee lineup last year and still had 107 runs. We think that he is a great addition to the Mariners lineup, and would be a great addition to your fantasy lineup as well.


Corey+Hart+Los+Angeles+Angels+Anaheim+v+Seattle+MLXOr61aeBglCan Hart stay on the field? Corey Hart missed last season from surgery on his knees, and in spite of not having any issues with them this spring he has been slowed down due to forearm and back pain. Although they are considered minor they could have an effect. If he can stay in the game he will be a great source of power in the lineup. In his past three healthy seasons, Hart averaged 29 homers and 82 RBIs. In some fantasy leagues they have him very late in the draft, with a position around 247. Others have him sooner. If you can get him late, I would say he is worth the risk because of the potential power he can bring.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Seattle MarinersIs King Felix’s merit up? Right handed Felix Hernandez has been one of the best pitchers in the American League for years now, but he has only managed 12-14 wins each year for the past four seasons. Maybe with the addition of Cano, Hart, and Morrison will improve the Mariners’ offense to the point that Hernandez can get to a 15-18 range this season. We know his numbers will be there, he surpassed 200 strikeouts in five seasons and his ERA in that time has ranged from 2.27 to 3.47. Sure his numbers last season were not his best, but he was dealing with back and oblique issues late in the season. His strikeout-to-walk ratio was an impressive 4.7, which put him third among AL starters. Most experts would rank Hernandez as a top five pitch, although he was the seventh pitcher taken in the expert’s draft (41st overall).

Now that we are getting ready for a great season of peanuts, hotdogs, and beer and great games we have to also get ready to cheer on our teams from the stadiums. I have to say that comfortable is not always the way to describe the seating in the stadiums, so I thought I would let you know I have your solution.

1669bkThe Stadium Seat is a great way to get that comfort that you long for on those hard plastic seats or when watching your kids game in the bleacher stands. So if you are in the cheep seats, or watching your kids at the local field this seat will make that day a whole lot more comfortable.







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