New item; Introducing the Low Joey.

Our latest creation is a portable chair designed to enhance any concerts, beach or sideline that happens across your path.  Being low to the ground works well for events and event-type seating needs.  Most concerts venues, music in the park and amphitheaters all have their version of restrictions on seat back height, height off the ground and overall size.  This chair was built with that in mind.

Here are the details…

Getting There

This chair comes packed down in a deluxe mesh carry case the size of a water bottle and weighs under 2lbs.  The Mesh carry case is great to help your gear air dry once stuffed into its case.  The Low Joey, AKA the Loey, is easily tossed into the trunk of your car, in a backpack or under your seat.  Dual-sport motorcycle enthusiasts and cycling tourism folks alike love this chair as it fits into their hard case and soft case panniers, not to mention the carry handles double as attachment points for the longer and bigger hauls.  From backroads to backpacks this chair is easy to stuff, attaches well and stores into the tightest of places.

Set Up

There are no frame parts to lose.  Much like a tent, the poles and hub points are all shock-corded together making it simple and intuitive to assemble.  The instructions imprinted on this inside of the bag help, but for the most part they are not needed. We also etched instructional arrows on the poles themselves to help eliminate any confusion. Attaching the chair skin to the frame is a breeze with color coded pulls that match the pole tips to the pockets they fit in.  Say goodbye to upside down fabrics! The bag easily attaches to the frame with the two carry handles.

First Look

Aside from the ability to sit low and stretch your legs out, one of the first things to note is the great patterning that allows for a super comfy and deep bucket seat with fun loving lines that incorporates in mesh for breathability.   From there, the red anodized frame add to the overall look while protecting the alloy.  The four feet set apart for stability come fitted with rubber tips which enhances the width for a wider surface area to the ground and greater stability.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

  • 600 Denier Fabric with Nylon Mesh
  • Impact resistant, specially formulated plastic hubs to ensure flexibility and strength
  • Anodized and heat-treated 7000 series aluminum alloy frame
  • Rubber feet to help protect boat surfaces and hardwoods
  • Reinforced at stress points, additional webbing and bar-tack stitching where needed
  • Weight limit of 300lbs, but tested at over 3 times that much

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