About Us: Least Amount of Harm

Since our first production nearly 4 decades ago we set out to get rid of all of the complacency found in our product category. Good enough, was never good enough….at least for us. With the idea that everyone should enjoy the outdoors we applied skills from a life time of common sense learned in the trades, we added grit and determination to blaze our own trail here in the beautiful PNW for TravelChair. To do things our way, to learn each day and expect the best, not to cut corners.

Three decades later we find ourselves continuing to learn, innovate and bring something better to the table. With another generation upon us here at TravelChair one thing remains the same………..we continue to apply skills both handed down and learned, and to face the simple fact that it can always get better, more refined, more pure. As alchemists attempt to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials and we do too.

We want to build the best product we can while also using the best practices. Building the ‘best’ product can cause harm if the methods used to create the outcome are not considered. The lightest material may not always the best material to use for our environment. Because a certain material has always been used or things produced in a certain manner, does not mean it is the best if a holistic approach to sourcing is sacrificed. Questions need to be asked. Question like ‘What is the bi product of this material?’ or ‘Are there alternatives with less impact without compromising performance?’

As we continue to learn, some things will remain the same – high quality performance and care and consideration for what we love most……….the outdoors.




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