How to “camp” in style overnight, waiting in line for tickets to Mackelmore headlining in Seattle.

alg-iphone4-line-jpgPeople are willing to wait all night, sometimes even days, for that Black Friday deal, the newest phone or pad, tickets.  Being in on whatever is worth the discomfort of the cold, hard concrete, and bathroom-less line.  We thought we’d offer a few tips on making the overnight line camp out a little more manageable.

1.    Assess your position in line.

Call the venue, find out how many item they will have on hand, the time they will open and if they will be handing out pre-sale tickets.  If they only have 100 widgets they’re giving out and you’re person 101 in line… probably not worth staying overnight.  Unless you think someone might drop out of line to use the bathroom and you plan on braving the mob and being ‘that’ person who ‘steals’ positions.

2.    Get your supplies together.

Depending on the climate, where you live and the time of year, you will absolutely need snacks, water, alarm, cell phone, entertainment, layers of clothing and a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Of course we have options for this.  Easy setup and light packing we have the Joey Chair.  For a more comfortable sleep, we have the Sleeprite Cot, also collapsable to a size you can stow in a backpack.

3.    Bring a buddy.

If you can, bring someone with you, they’ll hold your place in line during a much needed bathroom break.  If you can’t bring someone, make a friend in line.  Although there can be unsavory people, the chances are that hardcore shoppers will stick together and keep away the stragglers.

4.    Case the Joint.

Scope out the location a day or two before.  Check for bathrooms and 24 hour locations where you can warm up.

 5.    Get there Early, and set up.

When you get there, you won’t be first. Set up camp and make sure to say hello to your neighbors. This is going to be a long night and it’s best to get in good with the people around you.  Check out your place in line, as mentioned earlier, you might be too far down the line and you’re best option is to head home.

6.    Get Some Rest.

You probably won’t sleep but you will rest.  With the Sleeprite Cot rest will be a lot easier,.  Just get it. Seriously, you will thank me later.

7.    Wake up Early!

You should be up and alert around 5am, and ready to hold down your spot in line. The manager might be out to hand out pre-sale tickets and you DO NOT want to miss this. After all, it is why you just spent the night there.

 Have any other suggestions?

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