Grand Canyon Table


(3 customer reviews)

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Grand Canyon Table


(3 customer reviews)

TravelChair Grand Canyon Table- 2089GC, Foldable Camping Table for Outdoor Adventures, Portable Table

Our Grand Canyon camping picnic table is the perfect companion for outdoor enthusiasts or those with active lifestyles. You can bring it out when you are ready for a break and quickly fold it up when you are ready to start moving again. It is an aluminum folding table that is corrosion-resistant, making it perfect for any kind of weather. The black finish with contrasting silver gives it a definite urban feel. It can support up to 275 lbs., giving you plenty of sturdiness and support. It pairs well with many of our travel chairs and can be enjoyed at the beach, on the hiking trail, in the woods, or at your campsite. You can even use it as a porch or patio table. 

  • ADVENTURE: What is a chair without a table? Our Grand Canyon camping table is the perfect addition to any campsite. Discovering the outdoors is fun, but sometimes you just want to take a break. Enjoy nature while relaxing at your campsite.
  • IDEAL DESIGN: The Grand Canyon camp table has enough room to accommodate most camping chairs, a 3-tier adjustable table height, and friction-lock telescoping legs for easy leveling on uneven ground.
  • QUICK SETUP: This table is perfect for camping, tailgating, or backyard use. It can be assembled in under a minute, and its strength and stability will exceed your expectations. 



3 reviews for Grand Canyon Table

  1. Curt

    Best Camping Table I’ve Seen! Bought this table to put in my RV under storage. I had been using an old steel Coleman cook table that weighed a ton. So when my youngest son wanted it for his family camping experience, I had to get something else. This table fit just fine. Its very light, but has enough weight to not blow away in the wind. The frame almost seems like steel with the weight and all, but the table top is aluminum. It has the standard top that folds, or rolls up, like most shock cord models, but this one has the segments attached with plastic joints and screws, that look to be a lot stouter than the shock cord models. Very easy to set up, and take down. The adjustable legs are a big plus. For years I had to use leveling blocks to level the old table, but this one is very easy to level. Great purchase.

  2. John W Doss

    Five stars for both table and customer service. Our table top had some manufacturing defects and the seller responded quickly and replaced the top right away. They maintained communications during the process and there was never a cost to us. Stellar service

    We’ve had the table for 10 days and took it camping for three nights. The table is tall enough for us to use our camp chairs which have an 18″ seat hight – this is unique in tables smaller than 4ft x 4ft. Alternatively, there was room under the table for our food bins. The legs open with a single spreading motion and adjust at each leg for utmost convenience.

    The cross bars were not only not in the way, they afforded options for us to clip ditty bags in different places. It being aluminum, we used an Esbit stove on the top. There was no damage from doing this and no heat transfer – we could touch the table right by the stove without noticing heat on the table. Very stable, easy put up and take down, not bulky, and a pleasure to use.

    We will use this table for multi-day river trips. The bag it comes in is very nice; two separate sides each with it’s own zipper. That bag is not for taking down a river. It has a little weather resistance but we’ll be putting it in a larger dry bag for river travel – still in it’s own bag.

    We’re happy to stand by the manufacturer of this table and this seller.

  3. Dave Jones

    Every light camping table I’ve ever owned was flimsy. This table is a beast-extendable legs are sturdy, like a high-end camera tripod. At 10.5lbs, best compromise of weight, storing size, usable space and strength. Big enough for two and food to eat from using collapsible full-height camping chairs (perfect height). Legs will shorten if you have the need to lower the table (highest position will support 75lbs, lowered 225lbs-use it as a chair!). I plan on using it to put my Weber “Gas Go Anywhere” grill on; including cooking accessories and grub, at 28″ high plus the grill, it’s perfect. The table is aluminum and will tolerate gas grill heat. Also, if we camp at a spot where there’s no picnic table, it’s perfect for the two of us. I hate buying the second best-this table is #1.

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