PackTite Slacker™ Stool


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PackTite Slacker™ Stool


TravelChair PackTite Slacker Stool-1377V, Portable Tripod Chair, Lightweight, Packable, Easy to Use

The PackTite Slacker Stool was designed to be a practical, durable, and comfortable to take on the go. With a focus on being lightweight & packable this is a hikers best friend. Finally, a lightweight, portable seat that truly fits in a backpack. Weighing just under 1lb, this stool is truly one of a kind. The seating area gives you space to relax and take a break from adventuring. The polyester fabric is comfortable and double layered, edged in ripstop polyester for added durability. Its lightweight aluminum frame has two legs in the back and one in the front, offering plenty of stability. The rivets are oversized to increase the integrity of the frame. We have molded the grommets to allow them to be placed at the best possible angles, along with specially designed duck-billed feet that add to the chair’s support.

  • ADVENTURE: Discovering the outdoors is full of fun and adventure, but sometimes you just want to take a seat. Our PackTite Slacker stool is perfect for those hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, or hunting breaks. Enjoy nature’s scenery while relaxing.
  • PRACTICAL/FUNCTIONAL: Take a load off and relax with our folding stool. This tripod seat has been designed to be practical, durable, and functional. With both 600D nail-head and Ripstop polyester fabric this stool is made to last through even your toughest adventures!
  • TRAVEL CHAIR: Life is constantly on the move, and our portable seat can move with you. This lightweight stool weighs only 0.95 lbs. and measures 12 x 2.27 x 2.75 in when closed. The stool wraps up to be about the size of a 16 oz beverage.




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Slacker Stool- 1389V

"I now keep one in my car ready for any type of activity where sitting is preferable than standing. You can insert your own activity here. The size make this easy to grab when in doubt, and has often served as a life saver.

Easily stored and low-profile. Almost no bigger or heavier than an umbrella. You will not complain taking it with you and will be rewarded by being rested and comfortable when you get up."

-Richard T.

    Joey Chair- 7789V

    "After owning this chair for a little more than half a year, I can confirm that this chair is all-around amazing. It is extremely comfortable and it is pretty light weight.

    As others have mentioned, the feet outperform other chairs that have straight feet in the sand. The feet design allows for the chair to sit on top of sand rather than sinking in.

    My friends are always jealous when I bring this chair to the park (which is every time, since its so easy to pack). So much that we often end up taking turns on it 
    If you're debating whether or not to get it, do yourself a favor and just buy it!"

    -Roger C.

    Big Kahuna- 599

    "Awesome sturdy comfortable chair. I don't know why but I am the King Champion of breaking folding camp chairs. I am 6'2" 295lbs and have broke many 300lbs rated chairs, one chair cut up the back of my knee pretty good when it failed.

    My son is 6'7" 325lbs and plays major college football, he has not even come close to breaking as many chairs as I have. Well the Big Kahuna Chair is rock solid and comfortable I don't ever see this chair failing. If it ever does I'll post it."

    -Keith B.

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