Odorless treatment helps chair repel bugs

With the increasing prevalence of insect-repelling outerwear on the market, it was just a matter of time until someone came up with the idea of bug-begone camp furniture.

The Insect Shield Chair from TravelChair (available in September, MSRP: $65) is just that, with it’s odorless treatment helps to repel bugs.

True, it’s significantly more expensive than a common camp chair. The reason is the invisible and odorless treatment of  permethrin designed to reduce bug bites.

The 8-pound steel chair is backed by a one- year warranty. It has a nylon mesh and dries quickly for the purpose of river trips.

As for keeping mosquitoes at bay, the manufacturer says it has tested well for up to six months of constant outdoor exposure.

The chair doesn’t cast the 2-foot force field you might desire, but bug bites were few and far between during a recent shirtless sunset on the Colorado River. The chair helps, but you might want to keep the spray handy.

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