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For over 3 decades our mission has been to design ways for you to be comfortable outside via portable outdoor furniture. We make camp chairs, camp cots, folding tables and camp stools that are simple in design, easy to use, set up quick and pack down small to make getting from point A to point B easy. Fittingly, our portable camp furniture is comfortable with features that promote better posture, give you more room, use cooling fabrics and, in the end, provide all day comfort. We use more refined manufacturing techniques to ensure that the top quality materials we use can withstand the test of time. We invite you to have a seat on us and see why TravelChair has remained the original since 1984.

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Sowingroots – A Vehicle for Change

There are as many approaches to ‘doing life’ as there are people.  The same holds true for how businesses are run.  Holly and I want our business to “sit” for something more than just profit.  Don’t get it twisted, profit is great. However, achieving profit as a result of value-based objectives is pretty….well, awesome!  So what are our […]

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