Easy Rider


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Easy Rider


(5 customer reviews)

TravelChair Original Easy Rider – 589V Portable Chair for Outdoor Adventures, Folding Camping Chair with Bag

The Easy Rider Chair offers more comfort than standard travel chairs and has a V-shaped back, which is perfect for those with wider shoulders. The Easy Rider camp chair also has padded hand rests, more supple fabric for your backside to love, and adjustable armrests. The unique feet are oversized so that you will not sink into soft ground, and they also come with a sole similar to the one on gym shoes, which prevents slipping and marring so your chair won’t scratch floors. Reinforcements include ripstop fabric at stress points, custom plastic-molded grommets and seat-belt webbing, oversized rivets, and a durable powder-coated steel frame. This chair comes complete with a carry bag, making it a breeze to move.

  • COMFORTABLE CAMPING CHAIR: Take a load off with this foldable camping chair. With a broad V-shaped backrest, a padded headrest, adjustable armrests, supple fabric, a cup holder, and non-marring, anti-slip polymer feet, this chair is incredibly comfy. 
  • TRAVEL CHAIR: You are constantly on the move, and our portable camp chair can move with you. This folding camp chair weighs only 8.5 lbs. and measures 5″ x 5″ x 32″ when closed. Simply fold up this lightweight travel chair and go!
  • DURABLE & STABLE: One of the best pound-for-pound chairs in the TravelChair lineup, this feature-rich workhorse can easily hold up to 300 lbs. and continues to stand the test of time. It remains one of our most revered folding chairs.



5 reviews for Easy Rider

  1. Rowe

    This summer, I purchased 4 new Travelchair camp chairs. Each was different and at a different price.

    This particular chair was the most expensive of them all and I can tell you exactly why: It’s very comfortable.

    I did a lot of research on camping chairs when our last $12 local market chair broke down and I almost fell into the fire. It seems like every year I plop down another $50-60 for 4 chairs for the family. I’m sick of it. Those chairs break down so fast. The rivets and the stitching are the biggest problems.

    After much research, I honed in on the TravelChair brand. Let me tell you…If you are looking for a good quality chair, get a TravelChair. If you can afford it, get THIS one I am reviewing. Out of the 4 different prices and styles, this one is the best.

    I bought it for my wife as I got myself the TravelChair with the mesh seat. (See my other review there on that one) I sort of wish I had THIS chair mainly due to the comfort. WOW this is cozy.


    It’s very comfortable.

    It’s light

    The stitching and the rivets holding it together are of EXTREME high quality. (compared to cheap chairs) I’m 210lbs and when I sit in this chair, its very comfortable.


    Literally none. This is why it gets 5 stars.

    So…Finally! Chairs that will last more than 2 years with our family! I highly recommend this chair.
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  2. Mags

    We have used our Travel Chairs (Easy Rider) for about 5 years now and they still look great. I had to replace the bags but that was an easy fix. Great for sporting events – they are sturdy and well made. Last year I bought new ones for my one daughter and this year I am doing the same for my other daughter. Love these.

  3. Suzanne

    Great camp chair! I am a retired river guide who still spends her days floating the Main Fork of the Salmon River. My Teddy Chair has been a staple on my trips for the last 3 years. I am hard on my gear and expect performance and durability. This chair has held and I expect it to last for another 3 years of hard use.

  4. Mark

    I love my Easy Rider camp chair by TravelChair. It is comfortable and easy to use. I take it with me anytime I know I’ll be on the sidelines or outside for any amount of time so that I always have a seat.

  5. Dave

    I bought this chair a few years ago and it is still in great condition after camping, sporting and beach events. I love it. It is durable and sturdy. The material is heavy duty and this chair has held up to over my 200lbs. It comes with a nice heavy duty carry bag and a arm sling. Rivets in the chair are heavy duty as well. Great deal for the money.

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Slacker Stool- 1389V

"I now keep one in my car ready for any type of activity where sitting is preferable than standing. You can insert your own activity here. The size make this easy to grab when in doubt, and has often served as a life saver.

Easily stored and low-profile. Almost no bigger or heavier than an umbrella. You will not complain taking it with you and will be rewarded by being rested and comfortable when you get up."

-Richard T.

    Joey Chair- 7789V

    "After owning this chair for a little more than half a year, I can confirm that this chair is all-around amazing. It is extremely comfortable and it is pretty light weight.

    As others have mentioned, the feet outperform other chairs that have straight feet in the sand. The feet design allows for the chair to sit on top of sand rather than sinking in.

    My friends are always jealous when I bring this chair to the park (which is every time, since its so easy to pack). So much that we often end up taking turns on it 
    If you're debating whether or not to get it, do yourself a favor and just buy it!"

    -Roger C.

    Big Kahuna- 599

    "Awesome sturdy comfortable chair. I don't know why but I am the King Champion of breaking folding camp chairs. I am 6'2" 295lbs and have broke many 300lbs rated chairs, one chair cut up the back of my knee pretty good when it failed.

    My son is 6'7" 325lbs and plays major college football, he has not even come close to breaking as many chairs as I have. Well the Big Kahuna Chair is rock solid and comfortable I don't ever see this chair failing. If it ever does I'll post it."

    -Keith B.

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