Sowingroots – A Vehicle for Change

There are as many approaches to ‘doing life’ as there are people.  The same holds true for how businesses are run.  Holly and I want our business to “sit” for something more than just profit.  Don’t get it twisted, profit is great. However, achieving profit as a result of value-based objectives is pretty….well, awesome!  So what are our values?  We aim to: manufacture a top shelf product that does no unnecessary harm to the environment, develop relationships with the leading retailers, and enable our GOODS to become an agent for change in what matters most- people!

nate-jennyMeet Nate and Jenny.   They are a legacy couple.  They work hard, play hard, and have a passion for people. They are also the founders of SowingRoots, an organization that believes every child deserves the love and care of a family.  We at TravelChair think that this is a super cool and we want to help.  Our hope is that you do too!


Enter our latest partnership with SowingRoots.  We call it our 20.50.30 Fundraiser.  Here’s how it works: 20% is for you!  Take is straight off the top for supporting this effort.  The next 50% goes to SowingRoots, for the KIDS.  30% goes to TravelChair.  Here’s the math…………if the MSRP value is an even $100; you get $20 off, SowingRoots gets $50 and TravelChair gets $30, to cover costs.


To break it down even further, you save, become a vehicle for change and get the best camp chair on the face of the planet! It’s a win-win-win situation!


We are soft launching this program between now and Sept. 13th with a full launch Sept. 14th at the 2nd annual SowingRoots Golf Tournament . The code will be live on from 9/14/15 – 9/30/15.


Are you in the area and wonder how you can help out?  Let’s create some awareness!  Instagram, FB, Twitter, use your favorite social media platform to help get the word out.  Do you have a friend that likes to camp? Know a soccer mom or a gear head? Let them know, share the link and become a vehicle for change!


About SowingRoots:

Nate from sowingrootsBy way of their own adoption journey, they became very aware of the financial strains and roadblocks that can cause adoptions to stall or fall through.  Their desire to see all children united with families inspired them to start SowingRoots, with the intention of helping relieve to some of the financial burden that families face while adopting.  The Angelo’s knew they were helping one child (their son) through adoption, but wanted to find a way to help many more.  They hope that SowingRoots will help accomplish their goal of uniting many children with their forever families in the coming years, as well as have a tangible impact in helping the orphanages and foster families these children come from. Check out their website if you want more information about their organization or to learn how to get involved with their cause!


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