FabulousMeet Laureen, our fabulous new ambASSador!

We have made a few friends over the years by way of supporting their asses; not financial support, like what you provide for your mooch of a brother-in-law. We’re talking, as you can imagine, about their back-sides! Recently, local legend Laureen Lund (from My Fab Fifties Life) went on a fully supported bike trip with Ride Around Washington. She was afforded very few luxuries and judiciously selected our Big Bubba Camp Chair as one of them for her 425 mile adventure. “I was sore each evening and having the Big Bubba Chair was such a relief. Elevating my feet was just what I needed. I knew TravelChair was a great local company with exceptional, quality products and I really wanted to partner with you,” she told us.


In honor of our new found friend, we are offering a coupon code for 30% OFF any purchase on TravelChair.com.

Coupon Code
425MILES (case sensitive and no space)

Here is how it works:
Go to TravelChair.com, Select item, select color, select quantity, add to cart and under Discount Codes enter coupon code 425MILES and proceed to check out. The code is for 30% off product only. Normal shipping rates apply. The code is valid for 425 hours (expires Sept 1) to honor Laureen’s 425 mile adventure. If for some reason the technology fails you, please send in your order to order@travelchair.com.

About Laureen:
Newly retired Laureen made a commitment to live every day of her life as if it were her last. Working hard to lead a positive and inspirational life, some of her favorite activities include cycling and running. She has even completed a Seattle-to-Portland, among other rides! With a focus on the experience, she adventures out alone and pushes her limits in ways she didn’t know she could. We at TravelChair are truly inspired by her dedication and wanted to share that with you all!



One Response to “GO. BE. FABULOUS”

  1. Debra Sidor Tanner August 21, 2015 at 1:24 am #

    She is a WONDER! Thanks for supporting Laureen’s ASSets!!! Nice chair!!