The New Joey Chair; Re-Thought-out from top to bottom

Re-Thought-out from top to bottom

Since launching this lightweight camp chair, we have been field testing and taking critical feedback to heart which led to us improving our construction, function, and introducing a myriad of colors.

Improved Construction:

  • Plastics

Much like the Colonel and his chicken, we have our version of 11 secret herbs and spices for all of the plastic in our chairs! We pioneered our formulas decades ago. Recently, we discovered a few plastic blends that add strength, flexibility and functionality to the plastics found in the new and improved Joey Chair! For example, the connection hub takes on a lot of stress. Our new “secret recipe” is stronger and more flexible to handle the forces of sitting better than ever.









  • Fabric

We sourced a new rip stop fabric for our tent pole chair. It’s lighter, stronger and PVC free.

  • Improved Sewing techniques

We married this new material with even more bar-tacking, using a material that is stronger than hypalon for the pole pockets and a better mesh layout for optimal ventilation.









Improved Function:

Imagine your ski pole without a basket. Bad idea right? Design changes would be imminent. We know from 30 years of experience, the same holds true with camp chairs; they shouldn’t sink and they must be stable. Enter the anti-sink disc foot for the new Joey Chair.

Anti-sink Disc Foot 2 Anti-sink Disc Foot

The anti-sink disc foot keeps you comfortably on top of soft surfaces where others penetrate, loosing valuable seat height. These new feet alleviate the need for you to spend more money for aftermarket parts or slicing up beer cans, tennis balls , or webbing and stuffing them on your chair feet to prevent sinking. The anti-sink disc feet also adds much needed stability. Without our new feet, the poles will knife into soft ground and you will topple over.

 Myriad of colors:

Who said it is hip to be square? Not us. We have a new pallet of colors, including the PMS color of the year, for the Joey Chair to complement our design change.

7789r_front_side_1_1 7789g_back_1 7789p_front_1 Yellow Joey 7789Y - BOB 2 7789bk_front_1_1

TravelChair is known for legendary quality. Our vow is to be the strongest camp chair you have ever owned. Equally important is innovation where creating new concepts or putting our spin on classic designs. This mantra is evident in the last redesign of the Joey Chair.



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