7 Tailgating tips to get this football season going!

by | Oct 23, 2014

Written by Daniel

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Published October 23, 2014


Tailgating has become a cornerstone of American Football culture, with more than 27 million people taking part in tailgating events each year.

This iconic tradition goes hand in hand with professional and college sports, with many fans setting up tailgate parties hours or days in advance of the big game.The perfect party gets fans pumped for sports and provides an excellent opportunity for them to display love for their favorite teams. Tailgating also gives “superfans” a chance to show off, with many competing to create the most extravagant setup sporting the team logo. Before you plan your next outing, take a look at this list of 7 tailgating supplies that will help you create the ultimate tailgating party.

  1. Music

Start your tailgating party off right and keep the action going all day long with a high-quality sound system. Sure, you could run your car radio all day but you may find your battery completely depleted when it’s time to head home. A separate sound system not only offers adequate volume levels for music to be heard over rowdy fans and is also produces a high-quality sound.

A simple stereo and basic speaker system allows you to keep up with all the pregame action and team news leading up to the big event. If you plan to tailgate for hours or days leading up to the game, consider investing in an MP3 player docking station with high-quality speakers. You and your friends can switch out your MP3 players every few hours and take turns playing DJ. Don’t forget to play your team’s fight song at least once an hour!

  1. Be Ready For the Weather

While real sports fans never let bad weather ruin a good tailgate, you don’t have to suffer through rain and snow. Make your day more comfortable with some simple protective gear.

Cold out? Bring heavy blankets to keep you warm during the tailgate and the game itself. If temperatures are expected to dip below freezing, add thick gloves and disposable heat packs for extra warmth. Don’t forget hats, scarves and extra clothing that display your favorite team logo.

For hot, sunny days, make sure to apply sunscreen and bring your sunglasses and visors to protect your eyes. When temperatures really soar, a portable fan/spray mister area a great way to cool down.

  1. Shelter

Tents and canopies provide more than just shade. Tents serve as a central meeting spot and allow friends to find you at even the most crowded tailgating parties. Tents or shade structures protect from the heat and sun, as well as rain. For tailgates that stretch over more than one day, a tent can provide a place to spend the night once the party has ended for the day.

  1. Coolers

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING kills the mood at a tailgate party like a lack of cold drinks, especially when the sun is blazing. The perfect cooler chills your drinks from the moment you set up until you’re ready to head for the stadium. While many believe that bigger is better when it comes to coolers, a unit that’s too huge may be difficult to transport. Strike a balance by choosing a cooler that’s large enough to hold all your fave beverages but small enough to be practical.


  1. Seating

Now of course we know all about seating, and we have you covered. Check out these great ideas to make everyone’s tailgating experience incredibly comfortable.

  1. Grill

While it may seem like a bother to bring along a grill and cooking supplies, grills are a must if you want to avoid looking like an amateur. An astounding 96 percent of tailgating fans plan to grill on their next outing, and nearly half bring more than one grill to the party. Not only will you save money on food and allow yourself more control over what you eat, there’s just something about the smell of food on the grill that shouts game day for many sports fans.

While grilling fans may continue to dispute the advantages of gas versus charcoal, simply choose the type of grill that’s most convenient for you. Find a model that’s lightweight and easy to set up but also features a large cooking surface to feed the entire crew. Don’t forget to bring all your grilling tools, charcoal, propane and anything else you need to ensure a successful and ultimate tailgate. And don’t forget the food!

  1. Team Pride!

No matter how great it is grilling, playing games and spending time with friends, tailgating is really all about the game. While the right tailgating accessories can make the day more exciting, nothing is more important than showing your support with the right team merchandise. Hats, clothing and other gear help you get excited for the big game and provide an excellent way to meet other fans. Simple hats or shirts celebrate your home team, while jerseys pay homage to your favorite player. A team flag flying high above your vehicle helps friends and family find you and also displays your spirit to the crowd. Add in pennants, noisemakers and other local traditions, and you’re ready to root for your favorite team.



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