It’s almost time for fall sports!!


So the end of the summer means cooler weather and kids back to school. It also mean kids are getting into Fall Sports! Football, Soccer, Cross Country, and more! So we gathered a few ideas to help your kids and you figure out what sport to play!


What does your child like?

Although it may be tempting to encourage your child to follow your legacy by playing a sport that you shined in, this isn’t always in your child’s best interest. Kids often need the chance to discover their own talents and create their own unique identities. Instead of pushing your child towards your favorite activity, try to support them in discovering their own.

If you’re unsure what sport they might like best, look to them for hints. Was there a sport they like watching others play? Their current interests may also suggest what they’d enjoy. If they like to be in the water, perhaps water polo would be up their alley, or they might want to wait until winter to join the swim team.

Does your child prefer individual or group activities?

Another factor to consider is whether your child has an inclination for individual performance or prefers group-based involvement. A sport like cross country provides a chance to win a race individually even if your team loses, while sports like soccer, football, and field hockey are much more about strategy through teamwork.

Some of the winter and spring sports (such as track and field, tennis, swimming, wrestling, and gymnastics) also provide more chances for individual performances, which are then tallied into team scores.

Beyond Organized Sports

While the customary school offerings have something for almost everyone, some kids may find them unsatisfying, feel they’re too cliquey, or don’t enjoy competing against friends for the top spots. If your child scraps their school’s sports offerings, you can still help direct them toward physical undertakings that can help them stay fit and blow off steam in a beneficial way.

Your child can enjoy the benefits of organized sports through enrollment in a class or group for:

  • Indoor wall “rock” climbing
  • Hiking or cycling
  • Kayaking
  • Water skiing
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Karate
  • Tai chi


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