TravelChair Pegs TravelBench as Next Home Run

TravelChair Pegs TravelBench as Next Home Run

GIG HARBOR, WA – TravelChair, the global leader in outdoor folding furniture, expands

its appeal from individual users to groups with the advent of its newest product line, the


The Travel Bench incorporates all the building blocks of TravelChair’s core design

philosophy that places a premium on functionality, ergonomics, durability, and selfexplanation.

Deceptively simple in appearance, all TravelChair products are infused with

best of breed materials and production techniques honed since the company invented

the category in 1984.

Easy to set up with no assembly required, the TravelBench comes in three styles aimed

at appealing to the diverse needs of today’s active, mobile consumers: Original, Fast &

Light, and El Grande. The Benches come in a range of colors and seat configurations

including with and without back rests. Target MSRP starts at $70 for the three-seat


The TravelBench is the newest prong in TravelChair’s calculated strategy to expand

operations and help specialty retailers compete by using more innovative. “We’ve got to

be smart about what we do from the competition standpoint because the only thing that

will keep our brand and our dealers healthy is to continue to lead the marketplace with

innovations in product and expansion into untapped or underserved sales channels,”

said Daniel Roso TravelChair VP of Sales and Marketing. “To that end, we’re certain

we’re serving up a home run with the Travel Bench.”

Team sports is the first of the new channels upon which TravelChair has set its sights.

The coming out party for the TravelBench will be at the Soccer Nation Expo this

weekend in Los Angeles. Brought to you by CalSouth, Soccer Nation is the largest free

soccer festival in the US with more than 40,000 attendees expected. Next stop is

another major soccer venue, the US Youth Soccer Workshop ‘09 in San Jose, CA March

5 – 7.

For a quarter century, TravelChair has been committed to building “the best chair you’ve

ever owned.” Quality design, materials and attention to detail result in strong, stable and

durable chairs that have earned the family-owned and run company the reputation for

hype-free authenticity, pride in craftsmanship and market leadership. To learn more

about the company and purchase from the full line of products and accessories, visit

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