The Green Chair – no longer defined by mere color

Eco-Friendly Sitting


no longer defined by mere color

Five years ago, the phrase “Green Chair” meant nothing more then the color the customer needed. But to TravelChair it became a mission to leave less of an impact on the world we sit on while finding the perfect balance between Greening, Value, and Quality.

So we quietly began to research new processes, fabrics, fabric backings, and recycled materials.


The first “Green Chair” was our Teddy, a chair that was developed and released nearly five years ago. The Teddy was built with a new PVC-free Nylon and Mesh fabric that was much gentler on the environment. It has since become a mainstay in our line and has spawned additional products that share the same environmentally gentle fabric.

We have since incorporated new materials such as recycled plastics into our entire line, but we have never focused on creating one single “Green Line.”

The reason for that is simple. TravelChair has never viewed the “Greening Process” as a commodity to be sold.

To us, the “Greening Process” is a constant mission to improve our products for the good of both our customers and the world they sit on.



Why Green?

 Because what good is a TravelChair, If you don’t have anywhere to sit?


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