Why TravelChairs

Folding Camp Chairs are tough

Folding Camp Chairs are tough and made from heavy-duty materials are part of what makes TravelChair so tough. Every component is specified to tolerances far beyond the needs of the average consumer. And we don’t just stop with smart design and high quality materials. We have every design tested and rated by an independent lab.

  • Extra-heavy frame tubes flex less and bear heavier loads
  • High-quality nylon connectors—much stronger than plastic
  • Durable, double coated PU-backed polyester fabrics are stretch, tear and abrasion resistant
  • Oversized rivets mean strong tube connections
  • Independent lab testing to verify strength and durability
  • Camp Chairs – built tough and made to stay that way

TravelChairs are stable

You know you’re in a TravelChair as soon as you sit down. Strong materials and smart design mean a minimum of flex, sway and sagging. For the user, it means a more comfortable chair. For the retailer, it means fewer returns.

  • Frame configurations are computer-engineered to maximize load-bearing efficiency
  • Rigid components won’t give under load
  • High-quality fabrics distribute weight evenly across the frame
  • Oversized, solid nylon feet prevent chairs from sinking into sand and soft soil

TravelChairs last

With less flexing and twisting, TravelChair components are under less stress than components on low-quality chairs. And with extra-beefy tubing, fabric and connectors, our components have more than enough strength to last for years. Our chairs not only feel tough, they are tough. We have a return rate of .02%.

  • Oversized rivets and drill-to-fit rivet holes mean there’s no play at rivet connections
  • Durable polyester fabric won’t fade or degrade in sunlight
  • Exterior-grade powder coating for rust resistance