TravelChair & HB Sales; 1 year and going strong!

TravelChair Company celebrated its one year anniversary with multi-line sales rep Howard Berman with impressive numbers. The company welcomed Howard Berman in May 2015, and has since experienced sales growth and increased opportunities for his entire serviced area.

Most recently, TravelChair Company was able to join forces with Howard at the 2016 PMANC Showcase in Monterey, CA. The show was a successful event and it was great being able to work alongside Howard as he introduced his industry contacts to our new in-house sales rep, Ryan Conant.

TravelChair Company hopes to spread the word to current and new distributors that they have an invaluable resource in Howard Berman, their Northwest multi-line sales representative. Howard Berman is a PMANC board member and he has been in the promotional products industry for more than a decade. For the past 14 years, he has been working to provide the best service to all of his clients. He originally started in the distribution sector, but moved to the supplier sector, where he has been a director of sales for the past 6 years. He serves all A-level distributors, along with all other distributors in the industry. Howard Berman has in-depth knowledge of the products offered by TravelChair Company, and was quoted saying, “TravelChair is a great brand that I believe adds value to any project.”

TravelChair would like everyone to know that they can call on Howard and utilize his skills and expertise when it comes to project completion and gathering of the essential information. He is also available for site visits when needed.

TravelChair Company sells a large selection of products that include chairs, stools, tables, team seating, cots and accessories. Their wide variety of products enable customers choose the best option for their project, based on need and budget. Daniel Roso of TravelChair, VP of Sales and Marketing and past president of NWPMA, states “Howard’s expertise and background has helped broaden and expand our knowledge in the promotional products industry.” With over 30 years of experience under their belt, TravelChair is excited for the new opportunities that have been presented and is looking forward to continued growth this upcoming year.

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