10 really cool RVs, & 10 things you need to bring on your trip

by | Mar 6, 2015

Written by Daniel

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Published March 6, 2015

One of the great things about living in America is the many activities and sites available within driving distance. Some might be a bit further of a drive than others, which is why the RV has become such a reliable way to see the country.

We, of course, love the lavish and fun, so we thought we would list 10 of the most awesome RVs we could find out there for you. We also thought it would be fun to give a few other lists.



Country Coach Veranda

Country Coach Veranda

We’ll start off with this standard, top-of-the-line motor home. There’s one thing that makes this house on wheels stand out though: an actual extending porch. You’re bound to be the coolest on the campground.


EarthRoamer XV-JP

EarthRoamer XV-JP EarthRoamer XV-JP-2

The EarthRoamer is what every modern-day explorer needs. Fit for the back roads of the wildest jungle, this Jeep-based ride is ready for any road untraveled. With kitchen and queen bed included, there’s no reason to ever turn back. However, when you do return to reality, the compact size won’t leave you struggling to find a place to park it back home.


Mercedes Benz Zetros

Mercedes Benz Zetros-2 Mercedes Benz Zetros

At first glance, the Zetros looks like a cargo truck used to haul drillers to a test site in middle-of-nowhere Texas. In reality, they’re used as off-road military vehicles in disaster relief and peace-keeping situations. At least, that was until two Mongolian businessmen, one a brewery owner and the other a mining entrepreneur, ordered a pimped-out custom pair of the six-wheel-drive monsters. They had the trucks fully maxed out with all the luxuries to ensure absolute comfort.

Equipped with flat screens, heated floors, and a Bose sound system, you’d never even know you were in the mountains living in this thing. As for power, the Zetros runs a 7.2-liter inline-six diesel engine with 326 horsepower and 960 pound-feet of torque. When these dudes want to venture into the cold, there is a compartment in the rear to keep the ATV. What a perfect combination of roughing it and living large at the same time.


Volkner Mobil

Volkner Mobil-2 Volkner Mobil

The Mobil is a fine German specimen, one of the most technically sophisticated and stylish RVs on the market. Of course, in true German fashion, Volkner thought to put a garage in the basement for your sports car. Depending on what you drive, a few different garage set ups are offered, like one for your Smart car. If you’re a brand snob and you want a camper with the quality German engineering, this is your ride.


Kingsley Coach

Kingsley Coach-2 Kingsley Coach

The Kingsley Coach is your classic semi-turned-motorhome on steroids. Surely a truck driver’s dream, this cowboy Cadillac might set you back a few hundred thousand, but everyone will know you’ve got the coolest Coach on the freeway. You’re guaranteed tenure as king of the road.


Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Terra Wind Amphibious RV-2 Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Why rent a separate pontoon boat when you can own a camper that loves to swim? Oh, maybe because the Terra Wind will pry $850,000 from your stubborn fingers.


Motorhome Futuria

Motorhome Futuria-2 Motorhome Futuria-3 Motorhome Futuria

You are sure to turn heads at the campground in this luxurious behemoth, in which a Jacuzzi and champagne come standard. When the Futuria first debuted in 2010 with the appropriate name for its ridiculously futuristic looks, the company called it “avant-garde in motion.” Like the Volkner, the Futuria also stunts a nice garage that houses a Gumpert Apollo. Our favorite feature might be the LED-speckled mirrored ceiling that leaves the impression of a starry night. Though, you could probably just step outside the door for that.


Dunkel Industries

Dunkel Industries-1 Dunkel Industries-2

Although the company likes to call this a “luxury 4×4,” Dunkel was obviously thinking bigger than your average Cayenne or Range Rover with this Ford F-650-based behemoth. The website states, “Dunkel industries was built on the childhood dream of never having to stop because the trail was ‘more than the RV could handle.'” So, they created a work of art of recreational vehicles to go where no RV has gone before.

This truck is so big, there’s enough room for your off-road toys, including a Jeep Wrangler, on the roof. It also includes a firewood box, a shower, and ample storage bins around the entire vehicle. Don’t be frightened by the $7,000 worth of line-x. This rugged beast still keeps it classy with custom wood, leather, and fiberglass interior to make the two queen-size and single full-size sleepers feel at home.


Marchi Mobile

Marchi Mobile-2 Marchi Mobile

This Austrian creation definitely isn’t the prettiest of the RV’s on the list, but as the cliché goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. This monstrous machine is advertised as the “new premium class of luxurious vehicles, targeted to lovers of extravagance and visionary style”. Complete with roof terrace, bar, and lounge; the Marchi is an unorthodox display of luxury.

You might hate looking at it, but you’ll love the mansion-like interior. Lift furniture, surveillance cameras, lighting, heating, and cooling is all controlled with the push of a button. Some of our favorite features are the spa bathroom with rainfall shower, illuminated marble and wood, and functional fire place. Just don’t expect to be accepted by true campers in this thing.


Blastonlene Deco Liner

Blaston Deco Liner-1 Blastonlene Deco Liner-3 Blastonlene Deco Liner-2

This motorhome is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece created from scratch by famous master hot rodder Randy Grubb. Exercising his structural automotive genius, Randy began his project with a special 1978 GMC motorhome chassis. Randy and his Blastolene Garage, who take pride in creating drivable sculptures, took over 5,000 hours building this ode to yesteryear.


Now that we showed you these, lets talk about what you need to have when you go. I asked a couple of Full-Timers to get a sense of what is needed and NOT needed to take with you on your RV trip.


  1. Folding Table: These are important if you are planning to eat outside or just want a place to set gear on when you get to your spot. Check out our Tables.
  2. Chairs! Enough for you and, at least two, friends you meet along the way for sitting around the campfire. Check out a couple of our favorites that really break down to take up less space, like the Joey Chair, and the C-Series Rider.
  3. Folding Fire Pit in case your camping spot is without a fire pit of its own.
  4. 2 Folding Funnels. One for a hardware tote and one for kitchen use.
  5. Brush style shoe cleaner for removing sand and dirt before you enter the RV.
  6. Zip Ties of Various sizes to keep things in place while on the road.
  7. Conduction Cooking appliances – uses no propane and can be used outside or inside.
  8. 110/1500-watt heater for when power is included in your rental space.
  9. Tablet/E-Reader for all those books you want to bring with you but just don’t have the space.
  10. Finally, a cot or two for unforeseen guests. Our Sleeprite Cot is perfect for that, not to mention that it won 50campfires.com‘s 2014 gear of the year award.



You May Alos Like…

Slacker Stool- 1389V

"I now keep one in my car ready for any type of activity where sitting is preferable than standing. You can insert your own activity here. The size make this easy to grab when in doubt, and has often served as a life saver.

Easily stored and low-profile. Almost no bigger or heavier than an umbrella. You will not complain taking it with you and will be rewarded by being rested and comfortable when you get up."

-Richard T.

    Joey Chair- 7789V

    "After owning this chair for a little more than half a year, I can confirm that this chair is all-around amazing. It is extremely comfortable and it is pretty light weight.

    As others have mentioned, the feet outperform other chairs that have straight feet in the sand. The feet design allows for the chair to sit on top of sand rather than sinking in.

    My friends are always jealous when I bring this chair to the park (which is every time, since its so easy to pack). So much that we often end up taking turns on it 
    If you're debating whether or not to get it, do yourself a favor and just buy it!"

    -Roger C.

    Big Kahuna- 599

    "Awesome sturdy comfortable chair. I don't know why but I am the King Champion of breaking folding camp chairs. I am 6'2" 295lbs and have broke many 300lbs rated chairs, one chair cut up the back of my knee pretty good when it failed.

    My son is 6'7" 325lbs and plays major college football, he has not even come close to breaking as many chairs as I have. Well the Big Kahuna Chair is rock solid and comfortable I don't ever see this chair failing. If it ever does I'll post it."

    -Keith B.

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