Chairs for Charity – bring food, get a free TravelChair

Chairs for Charity

Want a free Chair?  Come see us on Saturday (12/13/14) from 10-4pm at Anytime Fitness and Harbor Greens for our Chairs For Charity event in Gig Harbor where we will be trading chairs for 5 cans of food.



Chairs For Charity

Why are we giving away our award winning gear?

When my wife and I made the leap 6 plus years to own and operate a family business, two things we set out to accomplish were to Stay The Course and find additional ways to use our product as a vehicle for the Greater Good.

Stay The Course: 

TravelChair is known for making the best camp furniture you have ever owned.  Folding furniture, portable chairs, camp chairs, beach chairs, roll top tables, stools, cots, zero gravity chairs, soccer benches.  Through trial and error, mentorship and a lot of blood sweat and tears, my wife and I have continued a legacy started in 1984.  Through careful consideration, thought and strategy,  we have pleased the past generation of Camp Chair Pioneers and continue to grow the brand.

Greater Good: 

It’s cool to purchase with confidence, knowing full well that the gear you get is going to perform.  It’s even better when that product stands for something.  When that something aligns with the values of the consumer it is usually a life-long partnership between the two.  We set out 6 years ago to do exactly that ourselves. We realized that making chairs doesn’t mean we can’t impact our community; it’s actual become means to helping others. In the last 6 years our aim has been to use our influence to help people, from partnering to help eradicate malaria in Africa and feeding the homeless in our local community to raising money to fight breast cancer and support Native American leadership training, our hope is that we are stewards of our time, monies and skills.

And that is why we are giving away our gear!


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