5 Best Camping Apps

We have been looking through the app stores to find the 10 Best Camping Apps that you need when heading off for your summer camping trip. It seems we are becoming more and more attached to our smart devices even when “getting back to nature” so we thought that we could help you out by giving you a list of great apps. These apps will not only help you get your trip going in the right direction but also provide some entertainment.

  1. Basic CMYKKOA  –  Kampgrounds of America, Inc

 This is a great app for prep work, or for on the road looking for the next stop. It has lists of all the KOA sites and will even filter the listings according to site types (RV, Cabins, Tent, etc.) and amenities (wif-fi, pool, firewood, fishing, etc.) You can look them up by listing or by viewing a map. You can also book your spot right through the app.  – Android | iOS


  1. unnamedCamping Checklist  –  Keto Guy

 This app is perfect for those of us who tend to forget things…..or those of you who have never packed for a camping trip. The app was created to ensure you have everything you need and don’t have to make that often costly stop at the store to pick up those forgotten items that you have sitting at home. When you first open the app it has two sections to choose from: Camping Checklist and Camping Shopping List. In the checklist it has 17 sections ranging from Hardware (tents, tarps, etc.) to quiet time (books, cards, etc.). The shopping list has 8 sections covering your basic food groups and kitchen staples. This app is great on so many levels and is very user friendly. An absolute must for any camp trip preparation. – Android | OS


  1. hikeMap My Hike GPS hiking  –  Mapmyfitness, Inc

 If you are looking for an app to track your hike and let you know just where you have been and more importantly, where you are, this is a great app. This app not only tracks your hike but it tracks distance covered, calories burned and your average pace. With detailed analysis, it is geared towards the workout of a hike, but with the number of features it has it is great for anyone. Track your favorite hikes and share them with your friends or discover local routes that you might not know about. It’s all in there and its free! – Android

  1. unnamed-2C:GEO Geocaching  –  C:GEO Team

 There are a lot of Geocaching apps out there, but for the price you cannot beat C:GEO. It pairs with geocashing.com and gives you several ways of tracking nearby geocaches. Although this is an android app, I know that there are plenty for iOS as well. Geocaching is boundless fun for the entire family, and a great quest to have with your kids. It’s also fun to put together your own Geocach with the kids and when you come the next year check to see how many people have visited it. – Android

  1. skymap-logo-vectorSky Map  – Sky Map Devs

 Sitting around the campfire just got a lot cooler. Looking up at the stars wondering if that is a star or a planet? Is that the big or little dipper? Or what really is that bright star called? Just open up this easy to use app and it will tell you everything you want to know about the sky. Stars, planets, and constellations all are mapped out right at your fingertips. – Android


So that is our 10 Best Camping Apps, if you have any camping or outdoor apps that you think should be on this list tell us below!



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  1. Tina June 26, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

    So where’s the other 5?

    • isaac August 5, 2014 at 5:13 pm #

      opps… wrote 10, and only had 5.. Thanks for letting us know!