Festival Seating – When sitting in the grass is not going to work.

My wife and I attend an annual music festival. I love the experience of the music, people, food, and everything else but the sitting in the grass on a blanket does not work for me. I’m uncomfortable and a grump for what should be a good time.

We tried to buy some cheap low sitting chairs at the local big box store but I had a hard time getting in and out of those. After all, I am a “larger” guy. I realized I needed a festival seating chair that can hold me and not break, and that I can get in and out of without the tuck and roll maneuver I had been using with the low laying chair.

I am happy to say that such a festival seating chair happens to exist, and that it is even budget friendly.

Easy Rider Model 589VThe Easy Rider (Model 589V) holds up to 300 lbs. and is a perfect height to get in and out of. It has padded hand rests, more supple fabric to love on your backside and adjustable armrests, all making for a more comfortable sit. This is a great seat for sitting and listening to your favorite band, or just to take a rest in-between music sets.Now if you need a little something more, I would go with the Big Kahuna (Model 599) with super sized weight capacity (800lbs) and so much storage space around, you can’t forget anything. It is a little bit more money, but still within the budget for most.

TravelBenchAnother great option if you have a group is the TravelBench. Whether it’s kids or just your friends, knowing that everyone would have a much better time if they had someplace to sit while eating that corndog, or waiting for that next band to hit the stage, the TravelBench offers everyone a place to sit (comes in 3 or 6 seats). And you don’t have to carry a bunch of chairs or make 8 trips to the car parked half a mile away.

So, next time you are heading out for that concert under the stars, or the music festival for 5 days, take a TravelChair. Your butt will be glad you did.

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