Our Joey Chair Featured in FJC Magazine!

Our Joey Chair was featured in the October 2013 issue of FJC magazine in a Featured Products section! This amazing and comfortable chair was featured a long with a few other great products, and we are very proud to be among those who were picked.

The Joey Chair – Named for the baby kangaroo and the compact pouch it lives in – packs down to the size of a large California burrito and is under 2 lbs. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, shock cord system thus avoiding lost parts, a compact size and durability developed from 30 years of camp chair manufacturing. The Joey Chair is part of our specialty seating chairs, which are great for many different seating situations. Designed to answer those niche situations, whether it’s camping, hiking, or just needing a comfortable chair at the beach, the Joey Chair is a perfect match for so many different situations you wont know what you did without it.

Check out this video all about the Joey Chair.


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