If It’s green, Its good!

It’s that time of year again to celebrate all things green. From beers with a green hue, to short little leprechauns prancing around in an awkward state of happiness to the day of the “free pinch” if you make a poor choice in dressing for the day. (Green underwear does not count). Despite what that pesky ground hog has to say about it, in my line of work, we welcome this time. The weather is changing, for most, the flowers shoots are poking through, and people are starting to think about getting outside. You know, the great outdoors, mother nature, campsites and family camping. WE must get outside.

BY now you have to know where I am going with this right? You need a comfortable camp chair. Something lightweight but supportive, something that offers up a sturdy place to post up on your next outing. Perhaps it might even be a green camp chair.

So to celebrate this great green month of March, we are offering 25% off on all things green. It’s our “If its green, its good” sale. A phrase coined, or at lease used a lot, by a great man whom I called Grandpa and by all means was an avid outdoorsman who camped and hunted with the best of them. From his family to friends, all in good times and love.

So in good times and love and remember if its green, it must be good.

NOTE – add items to cart from the Green Products page only. If you have questions give us a shout – 253 851 7519 or order@travelchair.com

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