Insect Shield TravelChair – Coolest Gadget 2010


Everyone loves a little bit of the outdoors. Whether you’re fishing in the Alaskan wilderness or just watching your kids play soccer, you are going to love this chair. Already the best selling travel chair in the industry, it is easily folded, light and extremely portable. It even comes with a built in cup holder for the frosty beverage of your choice.


The thing I cant believe about this chair is why no one came up with this idea before, we have sprays, foggers, candles and lotions but until now, no one had an insect repellent that was actually embedded into the fabric. That’s right, it’s in the chair! This chair really does keep the critters from ruining your good time and ends the need to apply and reapply all that stinky, greasy repellant. The Insect Shield Travel Chair is EPA registered and safe for pregnant women and kids of all ages.


This chair is going to dramatically change how long I’m willing to sit and fish, no word however, on whether or not I’ll agree to go camping. But if you would like to sit around the campfire and not be “buzzed” you can pick one up for around $65.00


Incidentally, Insect Shield has an entire line of outdoor clothing and camp gear all similarly treated with insect protection that lasts up to 70 washings… who knew?

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