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  1. Wombat - 2989

    Wombat - 2989


    We have perfectly married a chair and a stool to give you the Wombat. With a shock cord system to prevent lost parts, the Wombat provides the comfort of a chair with the body of a stool. • Who would use this: RV campers, urban adventurers, river guides, bush pilots, anyone who wants a compact yet comfortable chair! • Where they would use this: camping, river trips, airshows, motorcycle camping in the North Cascades, car shows, long lines at amusement parks Learn More
  2. C-Series Slacker

    C-Series Slacker


    The price point version of our bestselling Slacker stool. Learn More
  3. Slacker - Topography

    Slacker - Topography


    The slacker is as tiny as it is tough. Holds 275LBS and folds down to the size of a Saturday paper. Retail exclusive pattern. Learn More
  4. 3-in-1 Adjustable Slacker

    3-in-1 Adjustable Slacker


    This versatile tripod is a triple threat. It can be adjusted to two heights or used as a mono pod. At just over 1 lb, you can pack this super small stool in your back pocket for a full day's adventure. Learn More
  5. Big Slacker

    Big Slacker


    Take our best selling item, the Slacker, make it bigger and a touch more stable and you have the Big Slacker. Learn More
  6. PackTite Slacker

    PackTite Slacker


    Out of stock

    On the go, light weight tripod for your purse, center console or multi day hike. Learn More
  7. Ultimate Slacker 2.0

    Ultimate Slacker 2.0


    We took our bestselling Ultimate Slacker and redesigned it. It still has the comfort and support of a chair with the portability of a stool, but now it to be even more functional with a larger seating area. And it still weights less than 5 lbs! • Who would use the Ultimate Slacker: Golf Spectators, Coaches, Family Campers, Soccer Moms, Hunters, Fishermen, Bird Watchers • Where you would use the Ultimate Slacker: Golf Tournaments, Hiking, Family Camping, Hunting Blind, Sidelines, Matches, Games Learn More
  8. Slacker Model 1389V

    Slacker Model 1389V


    The Slacker tripod stool is a lightweight camp chair that folds down small, it is easy to set up and is the perfect blend between comfort, portable and durability. At less than 2 lbs. you can bring along this three legged stool on your hike or simply leave it in your trunk until it is needed for the next game. • Who would use The Slacker tripod stool: Hunters, fishermen, coaches, golf spectators, bird watchers • Where they would use The Slacker tripod stool: hiking, hunting blind, sidelines, matches, games, golf tournaments • Why they would use The Slacker tripod stool: light, portable, gets you off your feet, practical, stable, strong, overbuilt Learn More
  9. Side Canyon Table

    Side Canyon Table


    The Side Canyon Table is the multi-use camp table you've have been missing on your adventures! It can be used as a side table, a footrest, or even as an extra seat. • Who would use this: camping enthusiasts, rafters, people with active lifestyles, barbeque attendees • Where they would use this : beach, river bank, camping, backyard Learn More

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