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Joshua Tree National Park, California

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  1. Koala - 7784

    Koala - 7784


    The patented Koala sets up intuitively and is worth every second. This extra tall backrest is perfect for kicking back and the adjustable pillow takes comfort to a whole new level. Learn More
  2. ABC Chair - Black

    ABC Chair - Black


    Where comfort and price point meet, the ABC chair is perfect for all you’re a to c needs: ampitheater, beach and concerts. Sit back and relax. Learn More
  3. Kanpai Bamboo Table

    Kanpai Bamboo Table


    Gather around to break bread and say "cheers" on our deluxe bamboo table. Packs flat, travels well and comes with custom wine glass holders and a built-in bottle opener. Learn More
  4. Joey C-Series

    Joey C-Series


    The Joey C-Series is just as compact, sturdy and functional as other specialty chairs on the market, but hits an entry level price point. Learn More
  5. Joey Chair Model 7789

    Joey Chair Model 7789


    Good things come in small, lightweight packages. the joey features a lightweight aluminum frame, shock cord system thus avoiding lost parts, and a compact size and durability developed from 30 years of camp chair manufacturing. Learn More
  6. Anti-Sink Disc Feet (set of 4)

    Anti-Sink Disc Feet (set of 4)


    Our new anti-sink disc feet are the perfect addition to your portable, shock cord style chair! They were developed to enhance the performance of our Joey chairs on soft sand, grass, and uneven surfaces. This is the perfect upgrade to your existing chair and the feet are compatible with most shock cord style chairs on the market. Patent pending. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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