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beka w joey little siMany people enjoy the outdoors and nature, but are only able to enjoy it on the weekends.  I am blessed to live right in the middle of an outdoorsy city!  My day to day goings often lead me to the great urban outdoors.  After a long day of work, walking to the local park is relaxing.  Seating is always an issue though. Sometimes there isn’t a bench and all I want is to sit and enjoy the scenery.  Sitting and overlooking the bay at sunset while reading or writing is calming and does the body good.  That’s where TravelChair comes in.  The folding camp chair has done wonders for my adventures. I have a couple chairs that are portable, light and easy to carry that I can set up in a matter of seconds.

IMG_1636-BIn the Pacific Northwest, or Upper Left USA, the great outdoors is in our back yard. Last week, I was able to enjoy a short stroll through the park with some friends.  I brought along my favorite camp chair, the Joey, and in all of its compact and lightweight glory, was the perfect place to rest and enjoy nature.

As the weather gets colder, the ground gets harder, becoming an undesirable resting spot. On a recent trip to Vantage, WA I was extremely thankful for a few folding chairs packed away in my car.

Connor photoI took the Ultimate Slacker, Joey Chair, and Larry Chair with me as my TravelChair camp chair options.  Each item is unique and works great in unlevel environments.

Ultimately, whether I am walking down the street to my favorite sunset venue, going on an afternoon adventure in the park, or spending my weekend rock climbing in the freezing cold, I am always grateful for a comfortable place to chill and relax that I’ve found in my trusty TravelChair companion.


IMG_1686 IMG_1694-B

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